Puppy found safe after dogs disappear in Faribault, Minn.

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Misfit in Faribault

UPDATE: Five-month old Misfit is home safe with her family thanks to a community search effort on Saturday.

For one Faribault, Minn., woman, as well as countless other Minnesotans, her dogs are like family.

With four golden retrievers, Lindsey--whose last name she withheld for safety reasons--knew something was wrong when she called them in at dinnertime and they were nowhere to be seen. 

"I started screaming for them, hollering, driving up and down looking for them," she said. "I even called my neighbors [to see] if they happened to be there."

She called the Rice County Sheriff's Office, posted on Facebook and even contacted local shelters to see if they had found Rambler, Swagger, Drifter and Lindsey's puppy Misfit, all to no avail. Rescue 55021 is a local animal rescue Lindsey reached out to that says with the arrival of spring, the last few days have been their busiest in recent months.

"This last four five days has been really nuts, there have been a lot of calls," said Theresa Vold of Rescue 55021. "I don't know if it's spring, but dogs are starting to roam more."

Then Wednesday a neighbor spotted three of Lindsey's dogs nearly two miles east of her home, rushing the animals to a vet where they learned Rambler had been shot. It looks like the dog will survive, though that fact doesn't give Lindsey much comfort.

"Regardless of whether or not they ran, got chased off or got picked up, nobody should be shooting a dog," she said. 

Drifter, Rambler and Swagger are recovering from their adventure at home while little Misfit remains missing. The puppy has a microchip, and though she is no closer to finding out what happened to the dogs, she's holding out hope that her baby will still return safely.

"Find my little girl," she said. "She's my last one, she's also my youngest."