Puppies rescued from South Korean dog-meat farm arrive in Minnesota

Ten puppies, rescued from a dog-meat farm in South Korea, are now at the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley. The dogs are the first international transport to the Animal Humane Society.

There are 17,000 dog-meat farms in South Korea, according to the Animal Humane Society, and several million dogs are killed each year for use as food.

“It’s generally the older generations that are doing this. Usually, it’s men over fifty who are eating the dog meat. The younger generations in South Korea are more about companion animals,” said Brie Nodgaard, a veterinary technician, at the Animal Humane Society.

Dogs consumed for meat are sometimes tortured in the belief it enhances the quality of the meat, according to the Animal Humane Society, the Animal Human Society of the United States, and other reports.

The Jindo-mix puppies at the Humane Society were rescued by Nami Kim, a South Korean animal advocate, who reportedly rescued the dogs from a farm where she offered the farmer an alternate means of making a living.

The dogs’ trip to the United States was paid for by donors in California. After arriving in Chicago, the dogs were flown to Minnesota with help from Pilots N Paws Rescue Services. 

“These animals will serve as little ambassadors to bring awareness and shed light on the dog-meat farm industry and also to show people in Korea the value we place on companion animals,” Nodgaard told Fox 9.

The dogs will be available for adoption as early as this coming weekend.