Protesters decry President-Elect Trump on International Human Rights Day

Organizers say they have this protest every year and that human rights is a subject they believe deserves more attention. This year, the subject of their protest was the future of the United States.

On one the coldest days of the season, a protest aimed focus at the country’s highest office.

"We don't have to accept what the president does. The president is just one job in this country, and the people have always been the driver of change," Misty Rowan said.

Dozens turned out to march against President-Elect Donald Trump, carrying signs and speaking out.

"We feel like with Trump's rhetoric, his anti-Muslim, his anti-gay, anti-woman rhetoric.. We are really concerned," rally organizer Meredith Aby-Keirstead said.

Organizers chose International Human Rights Day to frame their message, marching from Lake Street and Nicollet Avenue to All God's Children Church a few miles away.

"Policy doesn't come from the top down. It comes up from the bottom. That's the point of grassroots organizing. We are going to be the reason he has to listen," Rowan said.

It’s a message that's been voiced at protests across much of the country. And with Inauguration Day a few weeks away, it's a message that shows no signs of going away.