Prior Lake family helping special needs children get much-needed equipment

The Lykken family of Prior Lake nearly lost their son three years ago and now they're determined to help other families, like themselves.

Chase Lykken was a healthy boy before he nearly drowned on a Disney cruise ship.  His little body was deprived of oxygen too long. He wasn't given much of a chance, but he has fought back.

Now seven years old, Chase has worked very hard for the basic thrills of childhood. A special bike, adaptive to his needs, is a game changer for kids like Chase.

“Now he has a bike, we can pedal around so we all go for bike rides,” said Lisa Lykken, his mother.

Adaptive equipment like a suit than can holds him up against his dad help his mobility and his happiness.

“Through Chase's Facebook page we've been introduced to a lot of people who haven’t had the opportunity to get this or don't have the money or means, we got together with friends and talked about why don't we give this away,” said Chris Lykken, Chase’s father.

The Lykken’s started a foundation to give away adaptive equipment to families in need, since it's often not covered by insurance.

“We've given away three upsies and one bike,” said Chris Lykken.

The Lykkens feel these moments are too important not to share.

“You can tell he likes it.  He'll look around, same with the upsie. He gets to be part of it, you can almost see a smirk, not sure if it's a smile, but I know he likes it,” said Chris Lykken.

Chase's Warrior Foundation will host two car washes on Saturday to raise money.

They'll both run from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Jeffers Pond Elementary and Premiere Dance in Prior Lake.