Prince's musical director reflects on iconic halftime performance

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With the Super Bowl in Minnesota, many Minnesotans believe Prince would be doing the halftime show if he were alive. But it was his performance at the big game 11 years ago that many consider one of the greatest Super Bowl halftime shows of all time.

"I've seen a lot of polls over the years about the Super Bowl," said New Power Generation member Morris Hayes. "Some of the greatest shows that were done and Prince always ranks up there."

Hayes was Prince's musical director for the halftime show at Super Bowl XLI in Miami in 2007. Hayes says the NFL warned Prince a storm was headed their way, but he took it all in stride.

"I remember him telling them that the rain was coming and he asked if the rain could come harder and they were like 'dude!' He was all good for it," Hayes said.

It poured the entire game and when Prince took the stage, Hayes says he and several performers nearly fell during the show.

"It was very slippery," said Hayes. "A couple of us almost lost it. Prince was wearing heels. He was running around. It could have gone real bad."

But Hayes says what could be more fitting than Prince's signature song played in the pouring rain?

"It never rained a Super Bowl before that," he said. "It never happened. Just the fact that with all the elements that could go wrong, everything just went right. With the rain during Purple Rain, I just think you can't ask for better than that."

Hayes played shows with New Power Generation for 20 years, but he says Prince's performance at Super Bowl XLI is hard to beat.

"When you see that much humanity, everybody just partying," said Hayes. "It's what you dream about as a musician. It's like you can''t top it man. It's crazy."

The NPG is performing at Super Bowl LIVE Wednesday night and they have shows at the Dakota on Friday and Saturday night.