Prince had 15 Carver County properties worth nearly $30 million

At Paisley Park in Chanhassen, Minnesota, the ground is muddy from foot traffic and the network news crews have packed up and returned to New York and Los Angeles. But 5 days later, the devoted and causal Prince fans are still coming to Paisley Park.

As Kate McGough left a farewell note on the gate, she admitted she couldn't help but also wonder how Prince Rogers Nelson died, at the age of 57. 

"I think as humans were curious and whatever the results, he's such an icon,” McGough said.

The world will likely wait weeks until toxicology tests are back. A spokesperson for the Carver County Sheriff says they are unlikely to release a preliminary cause of death until then, saying there'd be nothing worse than to get it wrong.

Prince's right hand man and drummer, Kirk Johnson, has told friends he's leaving town on a previously planned vacation. Johnson was among those who discovered the musician's body. He lives only two miles away from Paisley Park, in a home that’s actually owned by Paisley Park Inc. Property records show Prince owned 15 properties in Carver County worth nearly $30 million. 

No one has shown up at the courthouse claiming to be a representative of Prince's estate. No one even knows if Prince had a will, or if all his wealth will go to his sister, Tyka Nelson. For many fans, who now feel so emotionally connected to Paisley Park, the question is: What will happen to the estate? 

According to a TMZ report, Prince died without leaving a will. That means his 6 siblings, including half brothers and sisters, could split a fortune. Some reports value Prince’s estate at $350 million, but TMZ sources put the value closer to $150 million. Read more at