PRINCE ESTATE: Heirs face deadline, law firm claims to have secret info

Potential heirs to Prince’s estate have until the end of Friday to submit genetic protocol documents to the Carver County Probate Court. Probate Judge Kevin Eide issued the order earlier this month to accept the documents no later than July 15.

Public documents also released this week reveal new information about Prince that could weigh in on the probate decision. In an order filed on July 6, Judge Eide gave permission for the law firm of Henson and Efron to share new information with Prince’s estate manager Bremer Trust. Henson and Efron previously served as legal counsel to Prince. Judge Eide’s order disclosed that the law firm “might possess confidential information potentially relevant to the determination of the appropriate beneficiaries” of Prince’s estate.

Prince died with no known will. His sister Tyka Nelson and 5 half siblings are in line to divide the estate estimated to be worth as much as $300 million. But since his death, court documents indicate 13 other potential heirs have made claims. 

The latest claimant, 50-year-old Claire Boyd, wrote in a July 4 affidavit that she and Prince were secretly married in Las Vegas on January 14th, 2002.  She claims a rabbi who is also a lawyer, Ross Dreiblatt, not only married them but also drew up a secret will that names her as Prince’s sole heir. 

However, Boyd’s affidavit claims the marriage certificate and secret will cannot be released, “because the CIA and other agencies consider both documents to be Top Secret.” Later in the affidavit Boyd claims, “I am not insane.”

The next probate hearing is scheduled for July 28 when Judge Eide will hear arguments on extending media access.