Pride Parade brings thousands into Minneapolis on Sunday

New route, but no problem: Thousands of people lined 2nd Avenue in Minneapolis Sunday morning to watch the Twin Cities Pride Parade.

Among the thousands standing on the street, we found participants who have been coming to the parade for years, even though they're only 10 and 12.

“I’ve been here like every year," says Khloe Negen, age 10. That’s every year of her life and the same goes for Devin.

 “I'm 12 years old,” says Devin.

No matter where it happens, or when, the Pride Parade is a priority. "It's just part of life. We make it no matter what," says Rew Mauleon, who brought the kids.

Khloe explains, “Our parents are transgendered, so we go because, and like this gives rights to everybody.”

For their family and hundreds of others, this weekend, this parade, is about so much more than tradition.

"Visibility, so they know what life is like, and how to be out and proud and happy, and show other people that can’t do that we're here to support you no matter what.”

It’s a feeling shared among those that came out to watch the parade with an energy felt by all those that took part in Twin Cities Pride.

"There is a whole lot of positive, just good feels about everything this year.”

This year and every year.

"It feels really good because people like to come here, and I appreciate that because everybody has their opinions."

This year was the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. Next weekend in New York City the WorldPride Festival will honor the anniversary with members of Twin Cities Pride on hand to celebrate.

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