Police warn shoppers to stay vigilant as card skimmers are found at Lunds & Byerlys self-checkout kiosks

The Minnesota BCA and local police are investigating multiple reports of credit card skimmers found at grocery stores including Lunds & Byerlys.

Lunds & Byerlys officials confirm they found skimmers at self-checkout machines at stores in Eagan, St. Louis Park, Woodbury, and northeast Minneapolis.

The company says it appears just 10 customer transactions at the northeast Minneapolis store on January 30 and February 5 were impacted. The BCA says it is investigating more than dozen alleged incidents of credit card skimming across Minnesota.

"I think it was very bold of the thieves to do this in an area where there is the potential for high traffic," said Commander John Alton of the Woodbury Department of Public Safety.

Woodbury police say they were notified after an employee noticed a credit card skimmer at a self-checkout station at the Lunds & Byerlys in their community.

"In the instance that we had, it was actually a store manager or employee who found the device," said Alton. "I'm not sure what alerted him to go check if there were devices found at other stores."

Woodbury police say customers need to be careful about how they swipe their cards. They say using a chip reader is more secure or use a mobile payment service on your phone to beat the skimmers all together.

"Apple and Android Pay are very secure because not only is the information encrypted, you have to have the device and have some level of security fingerprint or face ID to go along with that," Alton said.

Investigators say customers should also look for anything unusual with their card reader, like peeled back security tape or parts that are loose or that could be pried up.

"Look at the other ones in the area compare it to the one that's adjacent to the one you are going to use," Alton suggested. "See if there are any differences. Is there anything that makes that self-checkout kiosk where you are going to put your card look suspicious?"

In a statement, a spokesperson for Lunds & Byerlys said when the skimmers were found, law enforcement officers were immediately contacted. If someone thinks they may be impacted, store officials say you should call at 952-548-1400.