Police recover 39 shell casings after rolling shootout between 2 cars in St. Paul

A total of 39 shell casings were found on a five-block stretch of St. Paul roadway after a rolling shootout between two cars Monday afternoon.

The 39 shell casings were discovered between York Avenue and Minnehaha Avenue on Earl Street.

According to a St. Paul Police spokesperson, officers responded to Earl Street and Ross on a report of up to 30 shots fired between two vehicles around 3:40 p.m. Soon after the initial call, another call suggested one of the vehicles crashed at Earl Street and Reaney.

There, officers found a car crashed into a tree on the east side of Earl Street with bullet holes in the side of it. Witnesses told police a male and a female fled the car on foot. They were found nearby by officers and the male was found to have an injury from the car crash.

A K9 searched the area and found a gun inside a backpack in a garbage can nearby. The items had blood on them.

The man, 19, was arrested for felony possession of a firearm, and the female was released.

The other vehicle involved in the shootout was not located or identified. Nobody was found to have been shot in the incident.