Police opinions, Somali-American interactions among 68 items on Noor trial jury questionnaire

We’re getting our first look at the state's jury questionnaire for the upcoming trial of fired Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor. The documents lists 68 total questions, including questions about pre-trial publicity of the case and interactions with Somali-American citizens and interactions with police.

Noor is facing multiple murder charges in the shooting death of Justine Damond Ruszczyk in July of 2017. Noor was responding to Ruszczyk's report of a possible assault in an alley by her house when the shooting happened.

Questions 17 through 19 pertain to interactions with Somali-Americans, including:

17. Mr. Mohamed Noor is a Somali-American citizen. Do you know any Somali individuals? If yes, please explain who the person(s) is/are and how you know them:

18. Have you ever had any particularly positive or negative experiences with persons of Somali descent or heritage?

19. Is there anything about your knowledge of or relationships with any persons of Somali descent or the fact of Mohamed Noor's ethnicity that would be difficult for you to presume he is innocent of all charges against him?

Questions 34 through 44 include questions about police interactions, potential jurors' opinions of police and their faith in the criminal justice system:

34. Have you ever had an experience involving law enforcement beyond that described in
question number 33 above?

35. Have you, or anyone you know, ever felt that they were treated unfairly by a police officer or other law enforcement officer?

36. Describe your best experience, if any, with police or law enforcement.

37. Describe your worst experience, if any, with police or law enforcement.

38. Have you ever had any contact with any member of the Minneapolis Police Department?

39. Do you have any beliefs or opinions about the Minneapolis Police Department in particular? 

40. You will be hearing testimony hom a number of police officers in this case. Do you think you would give police officers more credibility, less credibility, or the same amount of credibility as other witnesses?

41. Is there anything about your contacts with the police that would cause you to be biased for or against the State of Minnesota or Mr. Noor in this case?

42. At the time of the incident, Mohamed Noor was employed as a Minneapolis Police Officer. Is there anything about the nature of that employment that would cause you to be biased for or against Mr. Noor or the State of Minnesota in this case?

43. Do you feel that the jury system in this county is a fair system?

44. How well do you feel our criminal just system works?

Noor's trial is scheduled to begin April 1. You can view a copy of the complete jury questionnaire here.