Police: Man climbed onto neighbor's roof to escape hostage situation in Brooklyn Park

A man was able to escape a hostage situation by climbing onto a neighbor's home in Brooklyn Park early Wednesday morning, police report.

Officers were called out for the incident shortly before 2 a.m. by a homeowner reporting strange noises on his roof on the 7900 block of Brunswick Avenue. When police arrived, they found a man on the roof and helped him get down.

The man told officers he had been held against his will and assaulted at a neighboring residence by an acquaintance. Police say the victim had visible injuries.

Police say they learned the address where the man had been held was on the next block over, on the 8000 block of Zane Avenue North.

Officers surrounded that house and had everyone inside come out. However, they determined the suspects involved in the hostage-taking had already left. Police did find evidence within the home of the crime, however.

Police say there is no threat to the public and the investigation is ongoing, officers say.