Police believe roommate stole Plymouth woman's high-end pets

The City attorney for Plymouth is considering charges against a man police suspect may have sold his roommate’s cats after telling her they had slipped out their apartment door.

Missing her beloved Cali since she disappeared on November 16, 2017, Adrianne Aron posted fliers and canvassed the neighborhood looking for her, all to no avail. That is, until she received several anonymous text messages from someone claiming they were keeping the cat.

“I was shaking,” Aron said, though it didn't end there.

Cali is one half of Aron's pair of Cornish Rexes, a high-end breed that can cost up to $1,000 each.

After sharing her story with Fox 9 just days after losing Cali, another police report was made--this time centered around that same former roommate who told Plymouth police the cat had slipped out the door.

He said someone came to the apartment door demanding to know where the other cat was, ultimately stabbing the roommate's hand and leaving with Cruiz, Aron's other cat. According to his account, he was left bleeding in the kitchen as the intruder escaped. That story wasn't convincing enough for either Aron or the detectives assigned to the case.

“Nothing makes sense,” Aron said. “Police were the ones that asked me, 'What do you know about this person?'”

For multiple reasons, throughout the investigation police quickly began to doubt the roommate's story and believed the stab wound was self-inflicted.

In a search warrant to obtain medical records, the detective said Aron's roommate was unemployed and may be experiencing financial problems. The investigator seemed to believe Aron's roommate sold her cat and “needed to create a story to cover up his crime," according to the document.

“I think he found someone to buy them,” Aron said. “I don’t think the person who has them necessarily knows they are stolen.”

Aron points out both Cali and Cruiz are chipped, and begs anyone who recently acquired this particular breed to have them scanned so Aron and her cats might be reunited. 

“I don’t even like looking at pictures because I want them back home with me,” says Aron.

Aron's roommate told Fox 9 on Facebook, “Thats news to me and an absolute farce of justice if true and I will be seeking legal representation if need be. There's no proof of any wrong doing because there hasn't been any wrong doing.”

Editorial note: We have chosen not to name Aron's roommate because he has not yet been charged with a crime.