Plan ahead: I-394 to I-94 ramp closed for two weeks

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The ramp from Interstate 394 to I-94 closed Sunday, sending 23,000 cars every day looking for a new route.

Not everyone is happy about the two-week closure, but those in charge of the project say that everyone seems to acknowledge that important work is being done--and that living with summer road construction is just another part of living in Minnesota.

"I've had so many detours that the detours had detours. You know what I'm saying," Minnesota driver Tommie Beevas said. "It's Minnesota summer construction season."

The new route takes drivers on Highway 100 to Crosstown Boulevard, then onto 35-W, an extra 15 miles in an area where traffic is already clogged. 

If there's one thing to remember, officials say, it's that the work needs to be done eventually, though some people who live in the area think it's too much to handle all at once.

"Spread it out over 5 years and maybe we could deal with it, but all in one summer?" Beevas said. "It really doesn't seem quite fair."