Philando Castile shooting dashcam video released

The case file in the fatal shooting of Philando Castile has been released by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, including dashcam video that shows St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez shooting Castile during the July 6, 2016 traffic stop in Falcon Heights.

To this point, the dashcam video has only been seen by those who were in the courtroom for trial. WARNING: Video contains offensive language and graphic content. A transcript of the video is also posted below, which contains offensive language.

Yanez’s squad camera picks up Philando Castile’s vehicle just after 9:04 p.m. on Larpenteur Avenue in Falcon Heights last July 6. Yanez observes a couple brake lights are out and initiates what appears to be a routine and cordial traffic stop.

“Uh, reason I pulled you over do you, your brake lights are out,” Yanez said. “So you only have one activated, active brake light and that's gonna be your passenger side one. Your third brake light which is up here on top and then this one back here is gonna be out.”

Officer Yanez asks for license and insurance and Castile complies. He hands over his insurance card and then tells the officer he has a firearm. Within seconds, Yanez opens fire.

A jury had to decide whether it was a case of manslaughter or an act of self-defense.

Jury was denied review of transcripts

Prior to reaching a verdict that cleared Officer Yanez on all counts, a deadlocked jury asked to review the transcripts of the dashcam audio and Yanez's interview with the Minnesota BCA, but the judge denied both requests. 

Diamond Reynolds Facebook Live video

The shooting of Philando Castile garnered national attention when Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, streamed the aftermath of the incident on Facebook Live. Here is a version of the Facebook Live video, flipped to accurately portray Philando Castile in the driver's seat. PLAY VIDEO

Transcript of squad car video

JY: Officer Jeronimo Yanez
PC: Philando Castiie
DR: Diamond Reynolds
JK: Officer Joseph Kauser
JT: Officer Juan Toran
BA: Officer Bryan Anderson
JA: Sergeant Joe Adams
GD: Officer Grant Datilio
TS; Officer Tressa Sunde
UM: Unknown Male

JY Hello sir.

PC (inaudible), how are you?

JY Good. Uh reason I pulled you over do you, your brake lights are out. So you only have one activated, active brake light and that's gonna be your passenger side one. Your third brake light which is up here on top and then this one back here is gonna be out.

PC (inaudible)

JY You have your license and insurance?

(pause/background noise)

PC Sir, I have to tell you I do have a...

JY Okay.

PC ...firearm on me.

JY Okay.

PC I (inaudible)

JY Don't reach for it then.

PC I'm, I, I was reaching for...

JY Don't pull it out.

PC I'm not pulling it out.

DR He's not...

JY Don't pull it out.


DR You just killed my boyfriend

PC I wasn't reaching ...

DR He wasn't reaching. ..

JY Don't pull it out!

DR He wasn't.

JY Don't move! Fuck.

DR Oh man, I can't believe you just did that.

JY Fuck. Fuck!

DR Oh my God.

JY Don't move!

DR Oh my God.

JY Don't move!

DR Oh my God I'm shaking

JY Don't move!

DR Don't move baby.

JY Code 3. Get the baby giri outta here. Oh fuck.

DR Don't, don't (inaudible) sir.

JY Don't move!

DR Don't move baby, please

JY Fuck.

DR Whatever you do...

JY 6921 get a, medic here code 3. Shots fired. Oh fuck! (heavy breathing)

DR Stay with me.

JY Medics code 3!

DR We got pulled over for a busted tail light in the back.

JY Fuck.

DR ...he, he (inaudible)

JY (deep breath) Fuck!

DR boyfriend. He's licensed. He's carries cuz he's licensed to carry. He was trying to get out his ID in his wallet out his um, pocket and he let the officer know, that he was...

JY (heavy breathing)

DR ...(inaudible) he had a firearm...

JY (heavy breathing)

DR ...and he was reaching for his wallet. And the officer just shot him in his arm.

JY Ma'am just keep your hands where they are.

DR I will sir. I will sir.

JY (heavy breathing) Fuck!

DR He shot his arm off.

JY (heavy breathing)...

DR ...we got pulled over on Larpenteur and (inaudible)

JY I told him not to reach for it. I told him to get his hand off it.

DR He had... You told him to get his ID sir, and his driver's license. Oh my God please don't tell me he's dead.

JY (heavy breathing) oh fuck.

DR Please don't tell me my boyfriend just went like that.

JY Just keep your hands where they are please.

DR Yes, I will sir 111 keep my hands where they are.

JY (heavy breathing)

DR Please don't tell me this Lord. Please Jesus don't tell me that he's gone. (inaudible).

DR You shot four bullets into him sir.

DR He was just getting his license and his registration sir.

JY Get the female passenger out.

JK Ma'am exit the car right now with your hands up. Let me see your hands. Exit now.

JK Keep 'em up. Keep 'em up.

DR Where is my daughter? You got my daughter?

JK Face away from me and walk backwards.

JK Wa!k backwards towards me. Keep walking. Keep walking. Keep walking. Keep walking.

JT Get on your knees. Get on your knees.

JY 6910, one adult (sigh) 6921 !'m sorry. One adult female getting taken into custody. Driver, (heavy breathing) at gunpoint. (sigh) Juvenile female, child is with 6920. May... .couple other squads block off intersections (sirens) get supervisors here. Uh, page them out

BA What do you need Mo?

(Police sirens)

DR (Inaudible) Please Jesus no.

(Police sirens)

(Radio traffic)

DR Please noo.

(Radio traffic)

DR Please no.

JY Keep his hands where ...

JY You see both his hands.

JY i need someone with gloves on.

(Radio traffic)

JA Mo, are all officers up?

JY Ok.

JA Are all officers good?

(Radio traffic)

JA Are all officers good?

JY All officers are good.

JY We need it pulled it into park.

GD I'm gonna take your spot. i'm gonna take your spot (inaudible). Listen, I'm gonna take your spot (inaudible).

GD I got your spot. Okay, I got em, I got 'em. (inaudible).

(Radio traffic)

GD I got 'em here.

JY You got him?

GD I got em, buddy.

(Radio Traffic)

GD I got him here.

(Radio Traffic)

JY Yeah.

UM Oh, you al! right?

JY Fuck.

UM You a!l right? You're not hit any are you?

JY No I'm not. Fucking A.

UM Walk back here.

JY (Heavy breathing) Fuck.

(Radio Traffic)

(inaudible Voices)

(Police sirens)

UM Yeah ! know, I got it.

JY (Heavy breathing)

(Radio Traffic)

JY (Heavy breathing) Fuck. Fucking A dude, !...

UM Hey.

JY I told him to fucking stop, he had his hand on it. (heavy breathing) Fuck.

(Radio Traffic)

JY (Heavy Breathing) Fuck.

(Radio Traffic)

JY Fuck. Oh my gosh.

(Radio Traffic)

BA It's okay bud we got this.

JY Fuck. Oh my gosh dude. (heavy breathing).

JY (Heavy breathing) Awww, fuck.

JY Let's get some more squads here so we can fucking biock off everybody, over there.

(Police sirens)

JY Awwww.

UM We got that blocked off down there, we go it blocked off here.

UM (Beep) Someone move a squad up along side over there...

JY (Heavy breathing)

UM ... move a squad up and block that

(Police sirens)

UM (Beep) anybody able to move a squad up to block (inaudible) across the street?

(Radio traffic)

UM (Beep) (inaudible) 85, traffic blocked off on (inaudible) can we get ah...

(Radio traffic)

(Police sirens)

UM Are you able to move a squad up?

TS You okay?

JY I'm fucked up right now.

TS I need you to breathe. Breathe. Which direction did you fire your weapon?

JY Right at the driver, I had it right out. Had it pointed down. I don't know how many rounds I let out and I...

TS Okay. But you were, I just need to know, which one is your car, right here?

JY Mine's the one that pulled him over.

TS Okay. Did you point it directly at him?

JY Just directly and, I had it at my waist.

TS Was he sitting in the car, was it...

JY He was sitting in the car seat belted.

JY I told him (sigh) "can I see your license?" And then he told me he had a firearm. I told him not to reach for it. And when he went down to grab, I told him not to reach for it. (coughs). And then he kept it right there, and I told him to take his hand off of it. And then he, he had his grip a lot wider than a wallet.

TS Okay.

JY (sigh) And I don't know where the gun was, he didn't tell me where the fucking gun was.

TS Okay.

JY And then it was just, getting hinky, he gave, he was just staring straight ahead and I was getting fucking nervous and then, I told him, i know, I know, fucking i told him to get his fucking hand off his gun.

TS Okay. Okay.

JY (Heavy breathing)

TS Is everybody, is everybody in...

JY Fuck.

TS everybody En custody, do we have everybody?

JY (Heavy breathing)

TS Were there two people in the car?

JY Yeah.

JY ...three people in the car...

TS Three people in the car?

JY ...(inaudible) female, front passenger, the ah, little giri in the back.

TS Breathe.

JY And the dude.

TS Okay.

JY (heavy breathing)

JA From having been through this before...

JY (Heavy breathing)

JA .. .with this scenario (inaudible)...

TS (Inaudible) Okay.

JY (Heavy breathing)

TS Breathe.

JA ...So I-I know...

TS Breathe.

JA wanna talk about it...

JY (heavy breathing)

JA ... But there's just things we need to know.

TS Yup.

JA If there's any other suspects...

JY (Heavy breathing).

JA said no.

TS Yup.

JA What direction did you fire your weapon?

JY i had it down at hip, I had it pointed down, at diagonal.

JA (inaudible) so were just-just bringing (inaudible)

JY (inaudible) into the car. All the rounds are in the car.

(inaudible multiple voices)

JA And then there's no outstanding suspect and nobody else injured that you know of.

JY Nobody else is injured that I know of, (sigh).

(Inaudible voices)

JA Okay. Let's get cha outta here buddy.

Charged with manslaughter

Yanez was charged with manslaughter for the shooting. He was also charged with two felony counts of intentional discharge of a firearm that endangers safety because his girlfriend and her four-year-old daughter were also in the car at the time of the shooting.

Verdict: Officer Yanez not guilty

A Ramsey County jury found Yanez not guilty on all counts in a verdict delivered Friday, June 16, following 27 hours of deliberations. Shortly after the verdict, the city announced Yanez would not be returning to its force.

The acquittal of Officer Yanez was followed by three days of rallies and protests in St. Paul, Minneapolis and St. Anthony. IN-DEPTH: Jury instructions provide clues in Yanez verdict

Civil lawsuit will be filed

The family of Philando Castile will file a civil lawsuit in federal court, the family's attorney confirmed to Fox 9.