Pedestrian, bike accidents on rise in Minnesota, nationally

Pedestrian and bike related accidents are on the rise nationwide and Minnesota is no exception.

In St. Paul, Police say nearly 300-pedestrians and bikers have been hit by cars in 2016, 4-losing their lives.

“We are trying to figure out that question, why are people hitting bikes and pedestrians,” said Commander Jeremy Ellison with the St. Paul Police Department.

Police believe the reason has a lot to do with our driving habits and the fact drivers are not always on the lookout for bikers and walkers.

“The driving culture in Minnesota is such that we are concentrating on driving and haven’t branched out to looking for bicyclists and pedestrians who are trying to cross,” said Ellison.

St. Paul Police say they are hopeful with further data study they can better understand what has led to the rise in accidents. Before 2016, St. Paul Police did not keep specific data on bike and pedestrian collisions.