Patient in their 30s with no known health condition dies from COVID-19 in Minnesota

The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed the life of a younger adult with no known underlying health condition, Minnesota health leaders said.

Wednesday, the Minnesota Department of Health announced 33 new deaths from COVID-19 including a person in their 30s from Nobles County. Health officials say, at this time, that patient had no known underlying health conditions.

The death shows the virus, which typically is a bigger threat to older patients and those with health problems, can still pose a risk to younger, seemingly healthy adults.

It also comes as the state marches towards 1,000 deaths from COVID-19 while moving to reopen its economy.

Nobles County has been a hot spot for COVID-19 cases in Minnesota, with many linked to the JBS pork processing plant. It's unclear if the recent death had any link to the facility.