Parts of Minnesota get another round of severe storms

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Another active day in some parts of Minnesota late Sunday as storms fire up and produce up to softball size hail and even a couple of possible tornadoes.  Storms exploded over central and western Minnesota just after 7pm on Sunday and quickly expanded south and eastward.  While not everyone saw the storms, and even fewer experienced the severe stuff, some were in for quite an evening.  After it was all done, there were 54 reports of severe weather including 2 tornado reports in Blue Earth County, just east of Mankato.  These are the ONLY reports of tornadoes nationwide on Sunday. 

In the images above, you can see that the severe weather was held to 4 distinct regions of the state where the storm clusters formed.  Arguably the strongest of the clusters went through Nicollet and Blue Earth Counties bringing softball size hail to Winthrop, baseball size hail to Nicollet, and 2 likely tornadoes just north of Lake Crystal.  The national weather service will be out in Blue Earth County today to survey the damage and confirm if there were in fact tornadoes there, and how strong they were.  While we will get a reprieve from active weather on our Monday, more severe storms are possible late Tuesday.