Parent volunteer at Chippewa Middle School goes above and beyond

Many parents at Chippewa Middle School in North Oak spent Friday afternoon getting the building ready for the return of the big Snow Ball students have missed since February 2020. 

Once again, parent volunteer Katie Robertson is directing the decorations and party plans for the school dance, even after both her children have moved on to high school. 

"There’s less opportunities to volunteer in high school," Robertson told FOX 9's Leah Beno. "Both my kids had an awesome opportunity here, so I’m really connected and just wanted to give back. I love this."

Throughout the course of the past five years school staff says Robertson has volunteered countless hours alongside other volunteers, assisting with everything from plans for annual events, to a massive remodel to the school entrance, fundraising for coats for students, the list goes on.

Katie Robertson

"On our own this would be impossible to pull off," says the school’s equity specialist, Eric Iverson.

Iverson sings Robertson’s praises, while reminding other parents no matter how big or small a volunteer opportunity, stressed school staff always appreciate offers to help.

"Engaging with your local schools and asking is there something I can do is there something you might need? You might find - I can do that. That’s easy and it would be a huge gift to the schools."

Plus as Robertson has proven, a team of volunteers can make magic happen.

"It’s really a great group of parents. It’s really fun," Robertson said. "The kids are really hungry for something to do."