Packer the Elf rides along with South St. Paul police

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Photo courtesy of South St. Paul police department 

For years elves have served as Santa’s eyes and ears.

An elf named Packer joined the South St. Paul police department this holiday season.

"Packer will be showing up at a different location everyday around not only the department, but also the city up until Christmas!" South St. Paul police told Fox 9.

It's an age-old question from children -- how does Santa know if they're naughty, or nice? Well, elves are his helping hands.

Elves like Packer, make their way around homes and visit children between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. They let Santa know who's been good or bad. Then, after Christmas Eve they return to the North Pole until the next holiday season.

"Be on your best behavior!" South St. Paul police wrote on their Facebook page.

Saturday, Packer decided to ride along with an officer. 


This is the first year South St. Paul police have shown an elf around town. They decided to do it to show people another side of the department and to highlight some of their favorite attractions around the city. 

What's the craziest hiding spot an elf has found in your home?