On the Map: Lakewood Cemetery's Showmen's Rest

If you've ever been to Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis, you'll know that there are some incredibly interesting people buried there. Notable interments include famed ukulele player and singer Tiny Tim.

Moreover, there's a special section at this historic site, set aside for a group of very special individuals. This area tells its own captivating story, offering a poignant testament to the remarkable lives of these people.

On the picturesque grounds of Lakewood Cemetery, Section 28 may bring a touch more joy than one might anticipate.

It's known as Showmen's Rest, established in 1960 by the Midwest Showmen's Association. It serves as the final resting place for individuals whose careers involved constant travel, including carnival workers, circus performers, concession stand operators, and more.

Karen Scullin takes you to Showmen's Rest in her "On the Map" segment.