On the Map: Gold Rush

FOX 9's Karen Scullin takes back to the Minnesota Gold Rush, which put the the small Minnesota town Oronoco on the map.

On the Map: The Dutch Ovens

FOX 9's Karen Scullin takes us to Como Park in this week's On the Map. The large fireplace was built back in 1936 to honor the poet Joyce Kilmer.

Honoring Don the War Horse

Don the War Horse belonged to Minnesota's fifth governor, and fought alongside him in the Civil War. The horse is the only non-human buried at the cemetery in Roseville.

Mpls landmark moves closer to reopening

A familiar sight in the Twin Cities skyline, the Prospect Park Water Tower, commonly known as the Witch's Hat, could soon be welcoming visitors once more. Closed to the public since 2019, this iconic landmark is on the cusp of a resurgence.

On the Map: Anoka's Circle of Life

Anoka's "Circle of Life," at the spot where the Rum River meets the Mississippi, held a special significance for the Dakota people. Karen Scullins explains it in this week's On the Map.

On the Map: Titanic survivor tribute

FOX 9's Karen Scullin took us to a house in Proctor, Minnesota, which previously belonged to a Titanic survivor and now features a statue of the infamous ship in the front yard, honoring the homeowner.

On the Map: Minnesota's apple pioneer

With the brutal winters, we have here have you ever wondered how in the world Minnesota ended up growing such amazing apples? Well, we can take a man by the name of Peter Gideon. He moved to the shores of Lake Minnetonka around 1853 with his wife, wealthy yes, that was her name.

On the Map: Minneapolis' peace pole

There are peace poles across the world. Most are just a few feet tall but, in Minneapolis, their peace pole is one of the tallest in the world made out of a grain bin.