Old photos left behind at Minneapolis pub

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An Irish pub in downtown Minneapolis has a mystery they hope you can help solve.  

While sweeping up, workers at O’Donovan’s Irish Pub found two old photos inside an old plastic case. The photos are both portraits: one of a young woman, the other of a young man wearing a military uniform.

Maybe he was off to war, a new romance, or newly married. It’s hard to say but their story has a lot of people curious.

“For me personally, since I'm an immigrant myself, they're pretty sentimental,” said Sean McCarthy of O'Donovan's Irish Pub. “I guess I have a few photos, but not as important as this, I guess.”

There’s no writing on the back of the photos, nothing to identify who they are or where these photos belong.

“It could even be just an old, old couple who were at a basketball game, that's what I mean you just don't know,” said McCarthy.

The pub owners say after bar close they find debit cards, keys, hair extensions, just about anything and they always try to find the owners, but solving this mystery is a bit tougher. The two photos will be sitting in O'Donovan's safe, where they'll be safe until they find their way home again.

“Everybody back in the day seemed to get married at a young age, so especially if he's going off to war by the looks of it,” said McCarthy. “I don't know. I hope so, I want to hear the story myself.”

If you know who the photos belong to contact O'Donovan's at (612)317-8896.