Ogilvie bus races crash leaves teen injured

Shock swept over the audience at the Ogilvie Raceway Saturday night when a thrilling night of races ended with a school bus crash.

The traveling show of school buses circling dirt tracks is a big hit with audiences across the country.

Kids might get the biggest kick out of it as they picture themselves riding to class on a racing yellow coach.

The school bus races are a popular attraction once a year in Ogilvie, but this past weekend’s races came to a screeching halt when one of the buses tumbled into an employee at the Kanabec County raceway.

Fans watched in shock as medics rushed to help 19-year-old Jordan Fischer.

They treated him on the track as a medical helicopter flew in, picked up Fischer, and took off — destined for a hospital in St. Cloud.

"At one point during the school bus race, a bus inadvertently left the track and struck an adult male, who was inside the track," said Ogilvie Raceway owner Pat Wagamon in a statement sent to FOX 9. "Out of an abundance of caution, the victim was airlifted to an area hospital where his condition is listed as fair and stable."

Track operators tell us they have emergency medical technicians at the raceway during events like this.

They call this track one of the safest around with well-treated dirt and a three-to-four-foot-tall concrete retaining wall plus fencing protecting drivers and fans.

Fischer is the son of the raceway’s CEO and friends say his family’s been by his side nonstop since the accident.

They expect him to get out of the hospital early this week.

In the meantime, local racing groups are raising money to help with his medical bills.