Officials looking for man who took extreme measures to impersonate Rochester police officer

The Olmstead County Sheriff's Office is investigating a strange case of impersonating an officer after a driver was pulled over "for speeding" Wednesday night in Stewartville, Minnesota.

According to police, on Feb. 27, the sheriff's office learned that, a day prior, a 22-year-old man was pulled over on North Main and 20th Street by what appeared to be a squad car. The squad, reported to be a 2016 or similar Ford Explorer, was black in color with "Rochester Police" in white letters on the doors, fully functioning police lights on the roof, and a front push bumper and spotlight.

Officials said the driver of the stopped vehicle was then approached by a white man described as 6’2" tall and 20-30 years of age with an athletic build and short black beard and neck tattoo of a rose. The man was wearing a tactical vest with Sergeant chevrons and a nametag reading “Sledgehammer,” a baseball cap with "Rochester Police Department" written on it, a thigh holster with gun and magazines, and a green Taser.

The “officer” told the driver he was being pulled over for speeding, but did not request to see a driver's license or proof of insurance. He then told the driver he was good to go.

The driver became suspicious because the “officer” did not identify himself, and he knew that the uniform he was wearing was not normal for the City of Rochester Police Department.

Deputies later contacted the Rochester Police Department and confirmed they did not have an officer fitting that description or anyone making a traffic stop as described on Feb. 26.

The Sheriff’s Office is asking that anyone with information on this incident or possible suspect information on the vehicle or person contact the Sheriff’s Office through the non-emergency dispatch number: 507-328-6800.