'Not the Chocolate!' Car crashes into Minnesota's Largest Candy Store

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Staff members were cleaning up after a car crashed into Minnesota's Largest Candy Store in Jordan over the weekend.

According to the Minnesota State Patrol, early Sunday morning, a two-car crash sent one of the vehicles into the building, destroying some of the fence along the way.

Staff said about 80 percent of the chocolate table survived the crash. The store is still open.

No one was injured in the crash. The Minnesota State Patrol is investigating the incident.

By Saturday afternoon, the shop was back up and running with a hole in the building boarded up.

"Normal weekend in the summer, we have cars in and out" said Jerry the Soda Guy, who works at the shop. "In and out of the parking lot -- not in and out of the store. This is a little different."

This weekend has been a little different for Jerry. When a car crashes into Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store, with the largest soda selection and world’s largest puzzle, where do you start? "It did hit the chocolate so that hit a lot of people right in the heart," said Jerry.

State troopers say a crash on Highway 169 caused a car to come barreling towards the candy shop where it crashed into the peanut butter and chocolate section.

"Right here, there was peanut butter and Reese's Pieces -- peanut stuff just got smashed across everything," Jerry says. "Still hit that wall with a lot of force and sent stuff flying 40 feet everywhere."

The team quickly cleaned up the confection mess. "Probably 15 feet of our 60-foot chocolate table was completely destroyed."

And sadly, they had to toss a lot of chocolate. "Nobody was hurt but chocolate lovers."

But, leave it to Jerry the Soda Guy to find the sweet silver lining. "I was relieved because it didn’t hit the soda, it didn’t hit the puzzle."

Just a few days ago, the store unveiled the Guinness World Record holder for the largest puzzle which has more than 40,000 pieces. The car missed it by a matter of feet.