North Texas grandmother gives birth to granddaughter

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A 54-year-old North Texas woman has given birth to her own granddaughter. The healthy baby girl is being described as “the best gift… for a lifetime.”

According to a release from the Medical Center of Plano, Tracey Thompson offered to carry her granddaughter for her daughter, 28-year-old Kelley McKissack.

Kelley and her husband, Aaron, have struggled with infertility for the past three years. They tried infertility treatments, but experienced three heartbreaking miscarriages.

In a labor of love, Tracey agreed to be a surrogate using one of the couple’s remaining embryos from their final round of In Vitro Fertilization.

The hospital said although Tracey had already experienced menopause, doctors were able to use special medical treatments prepare her body for carrying a baby.

Her granddaughter was born at 3:02 p.m. Wednesday weighing 6 pounds and 11 ounces.

To celebrate the special bond baby, mom and grandmother now share, Tracey and Kelley combined their names to come up with the baby’s name – Kelcey.

“It is such a blessing that I can do this for my daughter,” Tracey said.