Nonprofit opens market specifically tailored to help refugee families

From beds to blankets and toiletries to toys, the Alight Market is ready for shoppers.

The Minnesota-based humanitarian relief organization has set up more than 100 homes for Afghan refugees in the state since January, and the Alight Market is a way for them to personalize their spaces. 

 "We wanted to give them a sense of empowerment to come into our market and pick and choose what they want to take back into their homes," said Alight's Sonia Sahar Anunciacion. 

Also stocked on the shelves are culturally-appropriate items like Qur'an and hijabs. 

One of the people benefiting from the Alight Market is Fareed Ayoubi, who left Afghanistan with his four-year-old daughter after the U.S. withdrawal last year. 

"Finally, I started to get into the airport, and then, I came here with support of the U.S. government," said Ayoubi. 

He was in New Jersey for a few months, before ultimately coming to Minnesota. Ayoubi's wife was pregnant at the time and couldn't leave with them on a plane. She has since escaped to another country overseas, but Ayoubi is desperate for the family to be reunited in their new home. He's still struggling to juggle childcare on his own and find a job but says resources like this have made things a bit easier. 

 "It's very helpful for every family," said Ayoubi. 

Alight is looking for volunteers to help operate their market. If you are interested in learning more or signing up, visit