No arrest in Mother's Day hit-and-run that hurt Minneapolis 5-year-old

A Minneapolis family is looking for the driver that hit and injured their 5-year-old daughter as she played in their neighborhood Sunday afternoon.

Anthony Lee says his daughter, Antonè, was outside playing with the neighbors, when she was hit by a car. The accident left her with a broken leg and a large cut on her face.

“She said she looked both ways, she tried to dash out, but the car was coming too fast,” Lee said.

At the time, Lee was inside preparing a Mother’s Day dinner. He recalls hearing screams and running outside to find Antonè in bad shape.

According to Lee’s 14-year-old son who witnessed the hit and run, the driver was a woman in a silver or tan Ford wagon. She originally stopped and asked if the girl was okay, and then sped off.

“The neighbors told me that she did get out and asked if she was okay, but once she heard the police sirens, she was off.”

Police say the driver fled the scene before they arrived. There has yet to be an arrest.

“I just want somebody to be responsible for hitting a baby on mother’s day,” said Lee. “I’m sure she’s a mother, I’m sure she has kids. And if she doesn’t, that doesn’t matter.  I’m sure she knows she hit a kid and something had to be wrong.”

Lee and his wife would like to see some compassion from the driver, and at the very least get Antonè an apology.

Antonè was released from Children’s Hospital of Minnesota Tuesday and continues her recovery at home.

If you have any information that could lead to an arrest, you’re asked to contact Minneapolis Police.