Ninjas turning heads, causing confusion in Mound, Minn.

For the past few months, there have been a few unusual tips flowing into the Fox 9 newsroom. People in the city of Mound, Minn. are all confused about a ninja roaming their city.

Mound is a charming little city on the western shores of Lake Minnetonka, which is why it's so jarring to see two ninja's dancing, walking around town, making people laugh, and getting plenty of stares.

"It's kind of abnormal to see someone walking around in a ninja suit at this time of the year," a Mound police officer said.

There has even been a hashtag created on Twitter dedicated to them, just type in #MoundNinja and you'll see a variety of posts and pictures people have taken.

"We're just dancing ninjas and we make it funny," one ninja told Fox 9. "We make a funny joke out of something that otherwise would've been really scary."

For now, they want to remain anonymous and covert, just like ninjas. But the attention they're drawing isn't all positive.

"I'm worried somebody is going to mistake them for something else, shoot them, or kill them," Jan Bristol said. "There probably has been a complaint once per day, a lot of it is just suspicion."

In most circumstances, covering your face in public with a mask is illegal, according to a Minnesota statute. However, there are exceptions for religious purposes or if it's in good fun. And so far, these ninjas haven't broken any laws.

So for now, everybody is still Kung Foo Fighting... in Mound, Minnesota.