Newly released video shows deadly mass shooting outside Minneapolis nightclub

The mass shooting outside the Monarch Nightclub in Minneapolis last year killed two and left more than half-a-dozen injured.

The sidewalk shootout between two armed men created panic on the streets of downtown Minneapolis and left the entire University of Saint Thomas community grief stricken over graduation weekend.

On Wednesday, FOX 9 obtained video evidence from the case prosecutors used this fall to convict a gunman on multiple counts of murder and attempted murder. It includes surveillance video of the encounter that sparked the gunfire and the frantic actions of first responders to save lives.

The video captures the chaos, fear and panic that night at bar close as Jawan Carroll and a rival square off, guns blazing. A warning, the video contained in this story may be hard for some to watch. This is what jurors had to consider as they weighed Carroll’s claim of self-defense.

The surveillance video picks up outside the club, it is just before 2 a.m., May 22, 2021.

The sidewalk is full of people as downtown Minneapolis bars shut down for the night.

In a group of men, you see can Jawan Carroll and Christopher Jones milling about with several others. Both men are armed. 

Carroll testified at trial Jones was menacing, even threatening to shoot when a buddy of Carroll’s steps up to throw a punch upside Carroll’s head. The encounter escalates quickly as guns are pulled out and bullets fly. Carroll can be seen dressed in a white t-shirt, white pants with a dark belt. He runs into some fencing, still firing.

Jones would eventually crumple to the sidewalk, the 24-year-old was killed. His gun was recovered at the scene. The deadly episode was also shown to jurors, from a separate parking lot angle.

Meantime, about a block away, UST senior Charlie Johnson, who was out celebrating his graduation with friends, would become the second homicide victim. He was fatally struck by a stray bullet.

At a trial in October, a jury did not buy Carroll’s claim of self-defense, that he had to shoot to protect himself from Jones.

Additional trial evidence included Minneapolis police body camera footage of the frantic, emergency response that night. In addition to the two dead, the mass shooting left more than half-a-dozen injured.

Several of the survivors eventually took the stand as witnesses at Carroll’s trial, telling jurors about the ordeal.

In addition to the two counts of second-degree murder for the deaths of Christopher Jones and Charlie Johnson, Carroll was found guilty of 7 counts of attempted second-degree murder for those hurt outside the Monarch.

Carroll remains in the Hennepin County Jail. The now 25-year-old will be sentenced on Friday. Prosecutors have said, Carroll is eligible for consecutive sentences on the nine counts of murder and attempted murder, which could potentially put him in prison for well over 100 years.