New website allows boaters to report invasive species on Lake Minnetonka

Boaters on Lake Minnetonka now have a new way to report invasive species even while they are out on the water.

Below the surface in Gideon’s Bay and across Lake Minnetonka, Bay-To-Bay Boat Club owner Tom Jacob says the invasive species invasion is happening.

“The number of invasive species has grown significantly,” said Jacob.

“There’s a lot of weeds especially during the launches, and it never used to be like that,” said Jack Pflug, a boater.

To keep tabs on invasive species, the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District launched a new website so people can immediately map and report invasive species at their exact location.

“We’re focusing on any type of vegetation that’s a nuisance or safety hazard,” said Vickie Schleuning of the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District. “We want to know where navigation is impeded, swimming, or recreation value is impeded by weeds.”

Their concerns on this popular lake are combatted with information campaigns and signs at ramps reminding people to clean their boats to stop the spread of invasive species. Now, the new site joins the fight to protect Lake Minnetonka.

“It’s a tough battle because so many people are ignorant - how many people don’t pay attention [and] don’t disinfect their boat... pretty much everything is in Minnetonka,” said Jacob.

A link to the website to report invasive species on Lake Minnetonka can be found here.