New security measures in place after Richfield football shooting

As the Friday night lights shine at Washburn High School, students and parents from the opposing school who attended the varsity football game had to bring more than just their school spirit.

"Just to keep everybody safe. It's the world we live in now. It seems everything is settled with a gun and it's just sad," said Richfield football fan Denise Pulford.

Officials at Richfield High School required students at the road game versus Washburn to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Students and parents also had to register online before the game and show their IDs at the gate.

"I just think knowing the individuals who are coming to the game is a good thing. With the names written down and proving that is who they are, if there is a problem, you can look back and know who was there," said Rachael Kelleher, parent of a Richfield football player.

The security measures come a week after shots were fired outside Richfield's homecoming football game last Friday, sending players and fans running for safety. Two people were wounded.

Police arrested two teenagers for the shooting, releasing one and charging the other in the case.

"Still kind of surreal. I can't believe that it happened," said Julie Noonan, parent of a Richfield football player who was at the homecoming game against Bloomington Kennedy.

Most parents we talked to were ok with the extra precautions, but some worry they'll make it harder for students and members from the larger community to support the athletes on their team.

"These extra steps are not bringing the community together and this is what we need right now is to have a community together," said Noonan.

Richfield is still developing its policy for home games and expects to announce those changes next week.

Bloomington Kennedy and Edina have also implemented similar security measures for their football games as well.