2 people shot outside Richfield High School's homecoming football game

Multiple police agencies responded to reports of shots fired outside Richfield High School Friday night during the homecoming football game against Bloomington Kennedy.  

During the 4th quarter of the game near the 11:15 mark, multiple shots could be heard that sent players and fans running from the field and stands. 

Richfield Police said an 18-year-old and a 21-year-old male suffered from non-life threatening gunshot wounds. The 18-year-old was transported to the hospital. 

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A school staff member told police that school officials turned away a number of people who appeared to be waiting for the game to end by the northeast gate of the stadium where the shots rang out. 

The shooting is under investigation. Police say they do not have a suspect at this time and no arrests have been made. 

District response

In the hours after the incident occurred, Richfield Public Schools superintendent Steven Unowsky released the following statement about the incident: Tonight, during our homecoming game, our community experienced an act of violence that left two people injured and has deeply impacted all of us. What we know is that a person (or persons) opened fire outside the homecoming game. Police were immediately on the scene, managing the situation and evacuating people from the area.

Senseless acts of gun violence are all too common in our country and this one was in our own backyard. Violence like this impacts all of us, but especially our students. We will have counselors and social workers on-site at Richfield High School and Richfield Middle School this week for any students who were directly or indirectly impacted by these events and need support.

As of right now, this is an active police investigation and we will look to the Richfield Police Department for further updates on the situation. 

Richfield High School canceled the homecoming dance and all weekend events, due to the shooting. Richfield Community Education also canceled activities and education programs.