New Power Generation rocks out on Nicollet Mall

Minneapolis might be turning into the city that never sleeps - at least for the week leading up to the Super Bowl. 

There’s a lot of entertainment surrounding the big game, and on Wednesday, New Power Generation took the main stage. 

Despite the snow and wind that picked up, there was still a huge crowd out on Nicollet Mall.

Fans of New Power Generation, one of Prince's bands - rocked out late into the night. And earlier, Mint Condition got the crowds going.

People were excited to listen to the concerts on Nicollet from two Minnesota-based bands.

For many families it was a free, fun way to enjoy the Super Bowl activities and see how their city has transformed.

“It’s NPG! We missed Monday night with the Prince tribute so we’re so excited to see NPG,” one concertgoer said.

“It’s really cool to have this huge city where everyone can come and to have music and free events. It’s fun,” another attendee said.

It was a truly Minnesotan experience--cold, snow and a lot of folks drinking hot chocolate, or some brave ones drinking a beer.