New photo gallery captures Twin Cities social justice movement

Over the past two years a local independent photojournalist has been on the ground capturing some of the biggest moments in the social justice movement in Minnesota. 

This weekend many of those images will be on display.

At a gallery in St. Paul, a new exhibit captures life, on the front lines of the social justice movement in the Twin Cities. 

"Documenting unapologetically, to me it means to basically tell the truth," independent photojournalist KingDemetrius Pendleton told FOX 9. Pendleton is the man behind the lens. 

"When I really started to get involved in independent journalism is when Jamar Clark was tragically killed. That’s when I really started to get involved with it," Pendleton said. 

He's been on the ground for some of the biggest moments in the movement toward social equality. 

His images are raw. Each photo evoking a wide range of emotions.

"Not only do I show images of people cleaning up or some type of destruction happening, I’m also showing images of individuals being hurt by rubber bullets, tear gas," he said.

Pendleton says that he's driven to document history. 

"Give voice to the voiceless, that’s what I want this work to do," he said.

From peaceful protests, to uprisings, death and destruction, each photo has a story to tell. 

"I hope people take away when they see these images, when you see something, say something, do something," Pendleton said.

He calls the exhibit, "The movement never stops."  

"I’m going to continue to do this work as long as a power allows me to," she said.

The gallery opens to the public this weekend at the Block Portrait Studios in St. Paul.