New Disney security changes go into effect

These are changes that an expert tells us will increase security and efficiency at Disney World, starting Monday. The biggest change you'll notice: you'll go through security a little sooner. Now Disney will screen you before you hop on the ferry or monorail into the park.

If you stay at a resort on Disney property - the Contemporary, Grand Floridian, or Polynesian Village, you'll actually go through metal detectors and bag checks while you're still at the hotel. That means you can skip security at the gate. Jerry Aldrich, a theme park consultant and former Disney manager, says it’s a good move.

“You don't want people to have a bad experience before they ever get into your park,” Aldrich says, “so you want to make parking and toll plaza and getting into the park as easy as you can, as seamless as you can.”

Tourists give a thumbs-up to anything that eliminates one more line.

“Oh yeah definitely,” says Robin Richards, visiting from the UK, “I think that'll eliminate waiting around as well.”

Disney says it will also enhance security. Now, all those people standing shoulder to shoulder with you on the ride into the parks, have already been cleared.

“Certainly anything you can do for security is a good thing,” Aldrich says.

They're not removing the security entirely from the main entrance though. People coming by bus will still go through bag checks and metal detectors at the main gates.