Name change coming for south metro highways

It's one of those quirky Twin Cities talking points--a stretch of road in the south Metro that changes names three times without a driver having to move out of their lane.

Highway 62 turns into Highway 55 west of Fort Snelling and then to Highway 110 a few miles after that, creating confusion for out-of-towners who aren't familiar with the area.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation, however, set out recently to unify the Highway's name, getting rid of the Highway 110 overlap by changing the name of the entire section of road to Highway 62.

A portion of the highway near the airport that used to be Highway 110 will also be double signed as Highway 62/55 before the two roadways diverge.

All homes and businesses that have addresses on Highway 110 will be renamed as a result of the changes, which are set to take effect in July. Property owners will be responsible for all the costs associated with the switchover.

For more information, visit MNDoT's website by clicking here.