Myon Burrell charged with drug possession following release from life sentence

Myon Burrell was charged on Friday for the second time since he was freed in 2020 from a life sentence for the killing of a child in Minneapolis. 

Burrell, 38, was charged in Hennepin County District Court with one count of possession of a fifth-degree controlled substance, said the Dakota County Attorney's Office, who is handling the case on a conflict of interest basis. 

According to the complaint, officers obtained a search warrant for Burrell's Chevy Tahoe and his home after receiving information that Burrell was allegedly recently seen driving a white truck with a firearm, and had been selling narcotics, including fentanyl and MDMA. 

Officers stopped a white Chevy Tahoe that was being driven by Burrell on Thursday, the charges said. Burrell reportedly refused to roll down his window when officers approached, and took "a long period of time" to open the door. A dark tint on the windows of the Tahoe made it so officers could not see what was going on inside. 

Court documents say officers found a pill in the driver's side door handle pocket, which tested positive for methamphetamine  over .25 grams. They also found "chunks" of a controlled substance on the floor of the car on the passenger side. During a search of Burrell's home, officers found a suitcase with $60,000 in cash and a business card with Burrell's name.

In 2023, Burrell was arrested after a traffic stop in Robbinsdale. Police said Burrell was driving erratically and when they stopped him, smoke was coming out of the car and there was a smell of burnt marijuana.

Burrell was charged with possession of a firearm by an ineligible person and one count of fifth-degree drug possession after officers found marijuana and a Glock handgun. Officers also found pills that field tested positive for methamphetamine.

In 2020, Burrell's life sentence for the 2002 death of 11-year-old Tyesha Edwards was commuted. Edwards was killed in her home doing homework when she was hit by a stray bullet. Minneapolis police said Burrell had fired the bullet while taking a shot at a rival gang member near the home.

Burrell was 17-years-old when Edwards was killed. His sentence was commuted by Gov. Tim Walz and Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, after they both decided a life sentence was too stiff for a teenage offender.

If Burrell doesn't post bail, his next court appearance will be on May 13.