Mummified 'Dayton's Monkey' on display at Science Museum until Sept. 3

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The naturally mummified monkey found in the air duct of the former Dayton's department store earlier this year is now on display at the Science Museum of Minnesota

The "Dayton's Monkey" was discovered in April by crews working on the renovation of the building in downtown Minneapolis. It is not known how the monkey ended up in the air duct, although there have been no shortage of theories. 

Biologists believe the Dayton's Monkey is a squirrel monkey from the 1960s, when the species was commonly sold in pet stores, according to the museum.

"The specimen represents an interesting example of natural mummification," the museum said in a statement. "The warm, dry air moving through the department store's ducts desiccated the body, drying, hardening and preserving its flesh." 

The monkey is on temporary loan to the museum and will remain on display in the lobby until Sept. 3.