MSP Airport was literally a zoo for the first day of MEA weekend

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Public school kids across the state are out of school for MEA Break, meaning MSP International Airport is a zoo, literally.

Thursday, the Minnesota Zoo teamed up with the airport to bring some friendly animals to Terminal 1.

Naturalist Donnie Crook brought Armatus the armadillo along with Tupi the anteater. A bullsnake and millipede were also on display.

“Just trying to make it a little bit easier for guests to be traveling. Because, it gets a little big busy on this MEA weekend, so we come in from the Minnesota Zoo and let people touch animals, we let people see the tiger pelt, let people just learn a little bit more so that they are able to just have a little bit more of a fun time at the airport,” Crook said.

The exhibit was a hit with both kids and adults traveling through MSP.

“We've had lots and lots of people coming here and petting the animals, we've had lots of people coming up and touching them. We've had a lot of people come up and take pictures with us so it's been a great experience,” Crook said.

Airport officials say MEA traffic has been comparable to previous years. Mornings and early afternoon tend to be the busiest, with a break in traffic midday.

“It's not bad, it's not bad at all. I've been in here when it's been really, really full. But today's not bad,” said traveler Beth Westin.