MPD officers federal trial: First responders who witnessed George Floyd's death testify

More people who witnessed George Floyd's killing in Minneapolis in May 2020 took the stand on Wednesday as three former Minneapolis police officers facing federal charges in the death.

Like during the Derek Chauvin state trial, the court heard from Genevieve Hansen, an off-duty Minneapolis firefighter who came upon the Floyd arrest scene while out on a walk Hanson was seen on body camera video urging officers to check George Floyd's pulse.

"It was just alarming the number of people on top of one person not moving and handcuffed," Hansen told the court.

Also, testifying on Wednesday was on-duty paramedic Derek Smith who said he made the decision to move away from the scene out of safety concerns.

When asked by the defense if that delayed efforts to revive Floyd, Smith said they started CPR as soon as Floyd was loaded into the ambulance. When asked by the prosecution if CPR should have started earlier, Smith said: "In theory, it would be best to start CPR right away."

Prosecutors are attempting to prove all three former officers violated Floyd's civil rights by failing to provide appropriate medical aid. Another point of questioning was the fact the officers were trained on CPR. In questioning, the prosecution asked if someone who is CPR-certified is able to start CPR. Smith responded simply: "Yes."