Police: MPD squad involved in fatal crash with Leneal Frazier's car had lights, siren activated

A Minneapolis police incident report on the crash that killed Leneal Frazier says the squad car that collided with Frazier’s car has its lights and sirens activated.

Shortly after 12:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, Frazier's vehicle was hit by a Minneapolis police squad that had gone through a red light at the intersection while pursuing an armed robbery suspect. The squad hit Frazier's Jeep, sending it crashing into a third vehicle and ultimately a bus shelter.

The incident report goes on to say Leneal was in stable condition at the scene,  but coded at the hospital and was pronounced dead.

Leneal Frazier’s family remains heartbroken and angry, calling for the firing and prosecution of Minneapolis Police Officer Brian Cummings Friday during a news conference outside city hall.

"They took the most important person from us and it hurts," said brother Orlando Frazier. "And yes, we want justice. How can this keep going on like this?"

This new MPD incident report providing additional information about the deadly police pursuit.

It states Officer Cummings had lights and siren on while chasing a suspect vehicle that had been stolen in an armed carjacking and involved in a business robbery.

The fleeing suspect traveling at a high rate of speed north on Lyndale Avenue "disobeyed" the red light at 41st Avenue.

The report states "in the space where the suspect vehicle had cleared the intersection and the time the squad was entering the intersection..." that’s when Frazier’s Jeep Liberty SUV came through the intersection westbound.

"When a citizen drives recklessly and kills somebody else, they face criminal charges and that’s exactly what needs to be investigated and pursued to the fullest extent of the law," said Frazier family attorney Jeff Storms.

Attorneys announced a lawsuit is forthcoming in the family’s quest for justice. The Department of Public Safety reported that Frazier had never held a Minnesota driver’s license.

The state patrol continues to investigate the deadly crash saying its finding will eventually be turned over to prosecutors for review.