Mouths still agape over brazen, midday Anoka County inmate escape

An Anoka County Jail inmate made a brazen, midday escape on Tuesday, and residents and witnesses are still in shock over how it played out.

At 4th Avenue and Harrison Street, witnesses say the prisoner jumped out and made a run for it – an ordinarily peaceful intersection the scene of a daring escape.

According to the Anoka County Sheriff's Department, a group of at least 3 prisoners were being transported when one was somehow able to wiggle out of a cuff and break free. The sheriff's deputy driving the van jumped out to chase him down. Within minutes, investigators said that deputy and a group of Anoka police officers were able to capture the escaped prisoner, but the scene left neighbors with an exciting story they'll never forget.

The prisoner's name has not been released because he hasn't been charged yet. Investigators said a door malfunction may be to blame for the escape.