Mother of teen killed in Seven Corners neighborhood shooting speaks out

The mother of a teenager killed outside a Minneapolis music venue near the University of Minnesota campus is speaking out.

“I just left the funeral home today,” said Chanel Futrell. “I just left the cemetery, trying to figure it all out.”

Chanel Futrell figures it’s all a nightmare. Her oldest son, 18-year-old Darrah Host was killed in a hail of gunfire early Tuesday morning in the Seven Corners neighborhood of Minneapolis. Host worked a fast food job right across the street.

His mom believes that night he was attending a rap concert in the Ruby Lounge, an unlicensed club on South Washington Avenue. The city has since shut down the venue. Police broke the news to her hours after the shooting in her St. Louis Park apartment.

“I kinda lost it at the moment, hollering at the top of my lungs,” said Futrell. “I went ballistic. I really didn’t expect to hear that about my baby.”

As the criminal investigation continues, City Hall sources told Fox 9 business licensing officials are looking into the management of the Ruby Lounge and are “prepared to hold ownership responsible.” Liquor licenses could be at stake.

The Ruby Lounge appears to be the same family that also owns Bullwinkle’s and the Jewel of India restaurant on either side.

Futrell says it’s a relief Minneapolis appears to be cracking down, but she is well aware sanctions - no matter how strong - will ever bring her son back.

“He was loved and supported,” she said through tears. “My son was not that type of kid - not into gangs or selling drugs, shootouts, carrying guns. He was really a good kid. Really trying to find his way.”

Police are still searching for a suspect.

For GoFundMe information for Host's burial, click here.