Mother of SUV driver speaks out after fatal Minneapolis crash

The mother of a young man accused of stealing a car and killing three people in Minneapolis is speaking out.

Kotrisha Brown said she feels terrible for the victims and their families after Sunday's crash. She visited her son in the hospital Monday and said he accepts full responsibility for his actions.

Meanwhile, Gary Larson mourns outside the growing memorial for his longtime friends Kenny and Sheryl Carpentier and Kim Gunderson. The three were killed outside of Matt's Bar near 35th and Cedar Avenue early Sunday morning after a stolen SUV slammed into their car.

"To come here and to feel it - where their last breath was - is overwhelming," Larson said. "I think the police need to rethink how they pursue people because this is ridiculous."

According to the Minnesota State Patrol,18-year-old Dayquan Hodge was behind the wheel traveling east near the I-94 tunnel when a trooper began to follow him.

Hodge apparently took off south on Highway 55 and headed toward Cedar. Two troopers attempted to stop him.

Sheryl Carpentier's younger brother, Robert Goodsell, said the families of his sister and brother-in-law are in complete shock and unsure of how they'll go forward.

"It's truly senseless and unbelievable. They are literally just going hour by hour," he said.

Robert Goodsell said they were the nicest, most selfless people who loved their family and south Minneapolis community.

"They wanted to make sure if someone needed something they could try and do it for them," he said.

The 18-year-old driver suffered serious injuries in the crash and is under police custody at HCMC.

Four other passengers--aged 13 to 16 - were also in the stolen SUV.

Charges have not yet been recommended by the state patrol.

The Carpentier family has set up a GoFundMe, which you can find here.