Mother, grandparents knew where 'missing' Montgomery teen was entire time, complaint alleges

A mother and the grandparents of a Montgomery, Minnesota, teenage girl they reported missing knew where she was the entire time, a criminal complaint alleges. 

Tiffany Lukes, the 16-year-old's mother, as well as Tiffany's parents Linda and Ron Lukes, were all summoned Tuesday to appear in court for probable cause of falsely reporting a crime--a misdemeanor.

Audrey Lukes was "found" in Duluth March 23, almost a month after originally being reported missing by her mother and grandparents--due at least in part to a viral Facebook post from Kenyon Police Chief Lee Sjolander, whose town it was believed Audrey had run away to. 

Her mother gave a heartfelt interview to Fox 9 the day before Audrey turned up, pleading for her to return home. 

"Please remember you are loved," TIffany Lukes said, choking back tears. "You are my sweet baby and will always be my little girl."

The complaint, however, says that Audrey told police she had made several stops home in the time between Feb. 22--when she was reported missing--and that day, receiving money from her grandparents more than once and going out with them for ice cream.

Tiffany and Linda Lukes both admitted to police during later interviews that they provided officers with false information, police said, leading to a "great deal" of law enforcement effort expended to locate Audrey.

Tiffany Lukes is seeking legal advice before commenting publicly on the matter.