Travelers at MSP Airport navigate winter weather on Wednesday

Operations at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport were in full gear on Wednesday as crews and travelers braced for the winter weather.

The winterstorm, which has impacted areas across the Midwest and beyond, had some travelers re-working their plans to get out earlier. Flyer Tara Patel and her little ones had quite the adventure on Wednesday. It started with a big delay at their home airport in Madison, Wisconsin which put their connection in jeopardy.

Some quick thinking and a little luck with seats still available on a Delta flight from MSP to Fort Lauderdale. The Patels jumped in the car and drove north, straight through the snow.

"So we just bought all new tickets because we had to get there. So that's what we're doing," said Patel.

The Patels definitely not alone in juggling Christmas week travels with a good old-fashion winter storm bearing down on the region. The goal was to get out just as soon as possible given the weather uncertainty ahead.

"We were supposed to be flying out later tonight and we were able to get on an earlier flight," said Deb Kersten, who was flying to Florida for Christmas.

Earlier in the day, MSP was packed with holiday flyers. "I had a 1:30 flight this afternoon, but figured I’d get out this morning," one flyer said. "Every single hour counts trying to get home."

Despite the crush, all-in-all, airport officials reported a strong day of operations, with crews deicing out on the airfield where crews kept runways cleared. Meanwhile, inside, minimal delays and cancelations were posted up on the boards.

Workers de-ice an airplane on Wednesday at MSP Airport. (FOX 9)

Doctors even discharged Mayo Cancer patient Brian Wilson a day early following surgery, so he could get ahead of Mother Nature, and home to southwest Virginia.

"Just blessed to be here and blessed to be out of surgery," Wilson said. "And it’s all good."

A ground stop due to the wind did hamper some flyers for a brief period on Wednesday. But, by 8 p.m., operations were back to the status quo for the day.