Budget hearing reviews three different plans for Minneapolis police

More than 400 speakers signed up to speak at a Minneapolis City Council public hearing about the proposed city budget with a special emphasis on police department funding proposals.

Ultimately, just over half of those speakers, or 234 people, had their voices heard in the hours-long hearing that ended after midnight Thursday morning.

According to a log of callers released Thursday by the Minneapolis City Clerk, 100 speakers talked in support of the "People’s Budget," a proposal crafted by several social justice organizations to move funds from the police budget to more community-based programs. It would decrease the police budget by more than $84 million.

In addition, 80 speakers expressed support for the Minneapolis Police Department and the Mayor Jacob Frey’s budget proposal that would keep police staffing levels the same.

55 speakers voiced support for the “Safety for All” proposal from a group of councilmembers that would make a nearly $8 million cut to the Minneapolis Police Department budget. The Mayor said the councilmembers’ proposal would be “untenable” considering a noticeable increase in violent crime city-wide.

The council is scheduled to vote on the mayor’s budget next Wednesday.