Monitoring of St. Paul floodwater continues as river nears crest

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Water levels remain high in St. Paul and the Mississippi River is still rising.

The water is extending over parks and roads in the area, as parts of Water Street and Shepherd Street remain closed. And with the crest expected Monday, this water could be here for a while.

“I’ve seen it flood and I’ve seen Harriet Island covered with water, but not nearly this much,” said St. Paul resident Bailey Hurlbut.

Hurlbut’s weekend bike ride around the city ended up being a bit shorter than expected.

“We came to see how far we could go along the trail, but we really couldn’t get past the road block the police have up there,” he said.

As several roads remain closed, Harriet Island Pavilion is surrounded by water, with the river now extending to the park steps.

Mike Lovas with St. Paul Emergency Management says this is the city's flood plan in action. Saturday, the floodwater measured at 19.7 feet - with more coming. 

“You can look out and see the fast-moving water out there and the slower water here, but it’s still the Mississippi River,” Lovas said.

This means those “road closed” signs could still be up for a few more weeks

“After that, we’re going to have to check the infrastructure, the park facilities, the roads - we have to make sure they’re clear,” he said.

Officials will closely monitor the water in the days to come, but for now, all anyone can do is wait.

“It’s going to take some time and we appreciate their patience,” Lovas said.

For more information on St. Paul flooding procedures, click here.